Таможенный представитель - полный комплекс транспортных и таможенных услугТаможенный представитель - таможенное оформление грузовТаможенный брокер - таможенное оформление и перевозкиТаможенный брокер - таможенное оформление транспортных средств


BTB Group commenced its activities in 2003 in customs clearance of cargo, motor transport and special machinery in Severo-Zapadny region. For many years of work we have amassed experience in customs clearance of any types of goods in all customs regimes.

Our company offers a full scope of transport and customs services in the area of Baltiyskaya, St Petersburg, Pulkovskaya, Tsentral aktsiznaya, Pskov, Vyborg and Kingisepp customs.

Today the Group comprises two organizations included in the register of customs representatives:
BTB LLC (registered in the register under No. 0127/00 of December 29, 2010)
FP ANP-CONSULTING LLC (registered in the register under No. 0434/00 of February 28, 2012)
which are entitled for complex customs clearance of goods in accordance with all requirements of the Federal Customs Service.

Where necessary, the company offers support in goods certification and obtaining other documents mandatory for customs clearance. The company has qualified staff which provides information support in the field of cargo transportation and customs clearance.

All the company’s employees are certified on customs clearance. We will take care of all customs procedures, select TN VED codes for your goods and fill customs declaration and specialists of customs clearance will ensure prompt clearance of goods. We ensure maximum convenience in procurement. Due to high professionalism of our employees and experience of our company in customs clearance we guarantee that your customs requirements are fulfilled promptly.